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Monuments reported by ancient authors (3)

Ancient sanctuaries

EGOSTHENA (Ancient fortress) ATTICA, WEST

Sanctuary of Melampus

In Aegosthena is a sanctuary of Melampus, son of Amythaon, and a small figure of a man carved upon a slab. To Melampus they sacrifice and hold a festival every year. They say that he divines neither by dreams nor in any other way.

Ancient temples


Temple of Dionysus

In this plain is a temple of Dionysus, from which the old wooden image was carried off to Athens. The image at Eleutherae at the present day is a copy of the old one.


PAGES (Ancient city) MEGARA

Hero-shrine of Aegialeus

There is also a hero-shrine of Aegialeus, son of Adrastus. When the Argives made their second attack on Thebes he died at Glisas early in the first battle, and his relatives carried him to Pagae in Megaris and buried him, the shrine being still called the Aegialeum.

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