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Euritania, with a total area of 2047 sq. klm. , borders with the Counties of Fthiotida, Karditsa and Aitelokarnania. It is an area with an historical tradition, national contribution with historic and archeological sites, religious worship and a richness of astounding natural beauty. That is, it has all of the elements to satisfy a visitor's every preference, offering rest and relaxation, action and adventure. According to 1991 UNESCO research, Euritania is considered one of top areas of the world in environmental cleanliness and the cleanest area in Europe. It represents the "basis" for research measurement as it is considered to have a zero pollution rate.
The County has a Mediterranean climate, mainland mountainous with frequent rain, mild winters and cool summers. It is a clearly mountainous area, most of which is at an altitude of over 1000 m., which offers great aquatic richness and vast forest cover. One large piece of the area of Euritania is spread over the main body of Pindos. It is surrounded by the mountains: Agrafa, Timphristo, Oxia, Panaitoliko, Helidona and Kalliakouda. It is traversed by the rivers: Karpenissioti, Tavropo (Megdova), Agrafioti, Krikelopotamo, Trikerioti and Acheloos. The aquatic wealth has been supplemented since 1965, by the Kremaston artificial lake, which is also Europe's largest earth dam.
About half of the County's area consists of forests. Fir trees dominate the highest mountain peaks. Lower down, there are oak forests, while below 1000 m. Mediterranean vegetation such as arbutus, olive trees etc. predominates. Mountain valleys, shaped by the rivers permit the creation of small, cultivatable areas. The fauna of the area is also rich. Large mamals such as bears, roe deer, wild boars, wolves and other, smaller animals find refuge here. Different kinds of birds of prey and the Episcopy lake wild trout complete the area's biodiversity.

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