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The Catholic Encyclopedia




The ancient city of Harpasa was between Nysa and Antiochia.

Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities


A city of Caria on the river Harpasus.

Greek & Roman Geography (ed. William Smith)


  Harpasa (Harpasa: Eth. Harpaseus), a town in Caria, on the eastern bank of the river Harpasus, a tributary of the Maeander. (Ptol. v. 2. ยง 19; Steph. B. s. v.; Plin. v. 29; Hierocl. p. 688.) The ruins found opposite to Nasli, at a place called Arpas Kalessi, undoubtedly belong to Harpasa. (Fellowes, Discov. in Lyc. p. 51; Leake, Asia Minor, p. 249; Richter, Wallfahrten, p. 540.) Pliny mentions a wonderful rock in its neighbourhood, which moved on being pressed with a finger, but did not yield to the pressure of the whole body.

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