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  There are some places winning your heart at first sight, making you feel familiar as if you have known them for ages, even when you visit them for the first time! Some cities friendly, warm and also fascinating, beautiful, able to keep you forever there, by them. That's exactly the feeling Kavala gives you, because it isn't just a beautiful place, but a modern town with a long-lasting historical background and a wealth of tradition, unique landscapes, but overall with hospitable people! It is the city, which will convince you immediately of its advantages in all the aspects of life.Traveling towards Kavala means penetrating the heart of Eastern Macedonia. This historical, amazing city located like an amphitheater by the sea, combines all the things that could satisfy the most demanding visitor: mountains and sea, picturesque scenery and modern life, archaeological sightseeing, exciting excursions, cultural activities and tranquillity within nature... That's Kavala!
Position - access
  It takes about 2 hours (165kms) to reach it by car from Thessaloniki. It also takes the same time from here to the last European City to the east, Alexandroupolis (174kms).
  Easily accessible, by all means, air, sea and land, Kavala becomes the perfect destination with its frequent, comfortable communications with the islands of the Aegean Sea, the rest of Greece and Europe. There are international charter flights too, departing from the modern airport, situated 20km outside the city and considered as one of the safest in the Balkans. In Kavala there are available all kinds of public services (governmental services, banks, hospitals etc.) as well as the characteristic hospitable spirit of its 60.000 inhabitants!
Historical flash-back
2600 years are too many to explore at once!
  Kavala's journey through history starts approximately in the Homeric era. Thanks to its position it has always been the focus of attention.
  "Neapolis" (new city) was the original name of the city (7th century BC) which was an alien of Athens at the time of Pericles (5th century BC). It was also a very important center during the Macedonian Age. Neapolis was the very first place St. Paul stepped on European land when he came here to preach the Holy Bible and spread the Christian religion. For this reason, during the Byzantine time it was renamed "Christoupolis". It's port was an important commercial location, which attracted the interest of the Romans and became the cause of destructive attacks by Goths, Huns, Normans and Bulgarians. During the 15th century it falls into the hands of Turks and remains occupied up to the beginning of the 20th century. After its liberation it becomes a modern city.
The Old City
Nostalgic rambles into the city of the past!
There is one thing for sure: That you are going to enjoy many rambles. You will walk throughout the stone-paved alley, which leads to the "Imaret", a characteristic Islamic building of Mohammed Ali, founder of the last Egyptian dynasty, and to the peninsula of Panagia.
  First of all, you will pass from the lighthouse, where you will spend a lot of time admiring the magnificent, complete view of Kavala. After that, you have to walk up to the Castle, visit its tower, feel the life of other ages.
  Walking throughout the scenic alleys you will get to the other side of the old city, the famous "Kamares", the Roman aqueduct that was reconstructed by the sultan Suleiman the Magnificent around 1550. It is the gate, which on one side opens to the traditional shipyard and caulking area and on the other to the heart of the modern city.
New City
A city, really Greek in beauty and hospitality!
Kavala is a large balcony to the sun, the sea and the full-moon nights. It unfolds on the slopes of the hill like an amphitheater, ending at the beautiful seaside and its lovely port.
  Kavala breathes deeply in the Public Garden, next to the Heroes' Monument, which keeps alive its historical memory. The statue of the tobacco worker stands in the middle of the homonymous square and right behind it there is the imposing building of the old tobacco warehouse with its wide windows and the excellent artistic architectural decoration. The last century turns into present through elegant mansions, which are located in the center of the city witnessing nobility and civilization. It's worth to admire the Town hall, the Municipal Library, the building of the Byzantine Antiquities Authority and the Municipal Museum and take photos of them to complete your collection. You will find all these in the heart of the modern city, carefully decorated with parks and pavements, where all the streets lead to the palm-trees of the seaside promenade.
Coastal Kavala
Plentiful light, color and sea for the eyes!
  The best of tourism in a city full of life! Kavala is the kind of city that creates a strong relationship with its visitor. That's why you can't come here just once. But, the most important you will realize from the very first moment is that every day differs offering you new experiences.
The beaches of the city
  In Kavala the summer has many possible names. It may be named Perigiali, Rapsani, Kalamitsa, Batis, Tosca, Palio... Each name belongs to a beach of the city, starting from its very center. The most distant one is just 6km away, decorating with its refreshing beauty the landscape. All of them offer crystal-clear water, prizewinners of the Blue Flag of Europe. As a matter of fact, Kavala has of the most modern Biological Sewage Treatment Plant in the Mediterranean. Visit all of them! Swim during the sunny day and ramble at night in the moonlight, every time in a different environment, just by walking. "Protege" of the city are the coasts of Perigiali, at 1500m to the east and Rapsani, 200m only from the center. You also have to see romantic Batis, natty Tosca, Kalamitsa and Palio which "goes to bed" late...
   There is an exotic landscape, 40km eastern of Kavala, on the mouth of the river Nestos, really unusual for Greece. A small verdant peninsula with a wide sandy beach reaching out into the sea, is a Pacific's island in the Mediterranean!
Mountainous Kavala
The highlands
The mountainous highlands of Kavala are waiting to offer you another kind of emotions. Palia Kavala (16km), Koryfes (23km), Platamonas (35km), Kechrocambos (55km) are some of the picturesque villages you will find during your excursion. You are going to have some rest at their commons, their cafes or taverns while the main subject to talk about, will be the wonderful, amazing landscape. On the mountain of Pangeon, about 44km from Kavala is the Byzantine monastery (nunnery of nowadays) of Icosifinissa, one more serious reason to take you off the city and its nice beaches.

This text is cited January 2005 from the Kavala Municipality Tourist Enterprise URL below, which contains images

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Panagia is a traditional settlement that was built on the foundations of the first colony of the Thasians, below the castle, and till the end of the 19th century it was the center of the town of Kavala.

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