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Gargaliani constitute an important financial centre for west Messinia nowadays, and can be found on a plateau 300 km high, and have a dense olive grove. They have a very «healthy» climate and a view of the Ionian Sea which is 7 km away. The area was inhabited from the Protohellenic Era (2600-2200 B.C.) on the basis of the findings at Anemomyli, Tsoukna, Kanalos and Lagos. During the venetian rule (1685-1715)it belonged to the area of Arkadia of the province of Methoni while during the years of the Orlofikon events (1770) it was looted by Moustapha Pasha of Larisa. During the Revolution of 1821, many fighters from the area were recruited to confront Ibrahem Pasha, while Tellos Agras set out from Gargaliani to reinforce the Macedonian struggle against Bulgary in 1905.

This extract is cited March 2003 from the Messenia Prefecture Tourism Promotion Commission URL below, which contains image.

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