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(Taugetos) or Taygetum (Taugeton) or Taygeta (ta Taugeta). A lofty range of mountains, of a wild and savage character, separating Laconia and Messenia, and extending from the frontiers of Arcadia down to the Promontorium Taenarum.

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Taygetos mountain

It is situated in the east of the perfecture and it constitutes a natural boundary among Messinia, Lakonia and Arkadia. It stretches to a distance of 110 km from Megalopoli to cape Taenaro and it's the highest mountain of the Peloponnese. The most important peaks are Prophet Elias (2407 m.), Neraedovouna (2025 m.) and Xerovouna (1852 m.). It has got plentiful vegetation of herbs like oregano, mint and tea bushes while on central Taygetos (Alagonia) and at Vasiliki (Mani) there are forests of black pine and conifer in such variety that it composes a vegetation structure with interest in all time.

This extract is cited March 2003 from the Messenia Prefecture Tourism Promotion Commission URL below, which contains image.

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