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Information about the place (6)

 Local government Web-Sites
Prefecture of Argolis
Official WebSite
http://www.argolida.gr English Greek
 Commercial WebSites
http://www.tourist-guide.gr English Greek  http://www.argolidaonline.gr Greek  
 Ministry of Culture WebPages
Prefecture of Argolida
In the following WebPages you can find an interactive map with all the monuments and museums of the Prefecture, with relevant information and photos.
Hellenic Ministry of Culture WebPages
http://www.culture.gr/maps/pelop/argolis/argolis.h... English Greek  
 Commercial WebPages
http://www.cs-net.gr/argolis/ English  
Ministry of Interior WebPage
http://www.ypes.gr/kapodistrias/greek/kapo/argo.ht... Greek
 Other locations
The mountainous regions of Argolida
  Tourists that visit Argolida usually refer to tourist guides, which mostly recommend county’s southern areas as best place to visit. The cities of Argos and Nauplia, the archeological sites of Mycenae, Tiryntha and Epidaurus, as well as various southern seaside resorts are very popular. However, few visitors have met the breathtaking view of the Argolic mountains and even ewer can imagine this other side of Argolida.
  All mountainous villages have common characteristics. They are linked with narrow streets and pathways and they have common manners and customs, feasts etc.
  The architecture of those villages is typical. It represents mountainous Peloponnese: two-storeyed, gray houses made of stone with wooden loggia and several flowerpots upon the wooden or stony stairs. Just 10-30km away from Argos, all villages can be excellent mountain resorts. They are natural balconies, where visitors have the opportunity to scan the sea and the plain among the perennial trees.
(text: Alexis Totsikas)
This text (extract) is cited March 2004 from the Prefecture of Argolis tourist pamphlet.

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