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   The central one of the three peninsulas running out from Chalcidice in Macedonia, between the Toronaic and Singitic gulfs. The Thracians were originally spread over the greater part of Macedonia; and the ancients derived the name of Sithonia from a Thracian king, Sithon. We also find mention of a Thracian people, Sithonii, on the shores of the Pontus Euxinus; and the poets frequently use Sithonis and Sithonius in the general sense of Thracicus.

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Greek & Roman Geography (ed. William Smith)


Sithonia (Sithonie, Herod. vii. 123; Steph. B.; Virg. Bucol. x. 66; Hor. Carm. i. 18. 9: Longos), the central of the three prongs which run out into the Aegean from the great peninsula of Chalcidice, forming a prolongation to the peak called Solomon or Kholomon. The Sithonian peninsula, which, though not so hilly as that of Acte, is not so inviting as Pallene, was the first, it appears, to be occupied by the Chalcidic colonists.

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