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Greek & Roman Geography (ed. William Smith)


  Strophades (Strophades: Eth. Strophadeus: Strofadia and Strivali), formerly called Plotae (Plotai), two small islands in the Ionian sea, about 35 miles S. of Zacynthus, and 400 stadia distant from Cyparissia in Messenia, to which city they belonged. The sons of Boreas pursued the Harpies to these islands, which were called the Turning islands, because the Boreadae here returned from the pursuit. (Strab. viii. p. 359; Ptol. iii. 16. § 23; Steph. B. s. v.; Plin. iv. 12. s. 19; Mela, ii. 7; Apoll. Rhod. ii. 296; Apollod. i. 9. § 21; Virg. Aen. iii. 210; It. Ant. p. 523.)

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Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities

   Insulae, formerly called Plotae. Now Strofadia and Strivali. Two islands in the Ionian Sea, off the coast of Messenia and south of Zacynthus. The Harpies were pursued to these islands by the sons of Boreas; and it was from the circumstance of the latter returning from these islands after the pursuit that mythology derived the name (strepho, "to turn").

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