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The Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites

Neromana (Phystyon)

  A city known only by references in inscriptions to its citizens and to the widely-known Temple of Aphrodite Syria Phistyis at ancient Hieridai. It is usually identified with the fortress at Neromana below the town of Soboniko on the N side of Lake Trichonis, between Paravola and Thermon. The walls and towers, of which four or five courses are preserved, resemble those at Thermon, and are dated by comparison at the end of the 3d c. B.C. The identification rests chiefly on the proximity of the site to Hieridai, which is above Tsakonina near Kryonero. A 6th c. antefix, now in the museum at Agrinion, was found there in excavating at the Church of the Madonna, and attests to the antiquity of the sanctuary. The cult of Syrian Aphrodite is known only from inscriptions found there and elsewhere in the region, all dated late 3d or 2d c. In the light of the modest circuit of walls at Neromana, some have preferred to place Phistyon at Paravola. There are numerous traces of ancient buildings, largely Hellenistic, throughout the fertile land on the north side of the lake.

M. H. Mc Allister, ed.
This text is from: The Princeton encyclopedia of classical sites, Princeton University Press 1976. Cited Nov 2002 from Perseus Project URL below, which contains bibliography & interesting hyperlinks.

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