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  Makunia, Makuna, Makuneia, Eth. Makuneus. A town of Aetolia on the coast, at the foot of the eastern slope of Mount Taphiassus. According to Strabo it was built after the return of the Heraclidae into Peloponnesus. It is called a town of the Ozolian Locrians by the poet Archytas of Amphissa, who describes it in an hexameter line: the grape-clad, perfume-breathing, lovely Macuna. It is also mentioned in an epigram of Alcaeus, the Messenian, who was a contemporary of Philip V., king of Macedonia. Pliny mentions a mountain Macynium, which must have been part of Mount Taphiassus, near Macynia, unless it is indeea a mistake for the town.

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