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Peninsula of Plagia

  If we trace back to the 2nd millenium B.C., we will notice that the peninsula of Plagia was an autonomous island. The claim of its existance is supported by the difference of altitude in the valley of Paleros which lies under the sea level with sandy ground. The belief that Plagia was an island during the Homeric period triggers theories on the exact geographical position of Homeric Ithaki.
  According to the German researcher Dorpfeld, the peninsula of Plagia is classified in the geographical unity of Homeric Ithaki, while the city of Paleros is identified as the Homeric Nirikos. Dorpfeld claims that the classic city of Nirikos was located on the slope of Agios Georgios in Plagia, where the castle stands.
This text (extract) is cited August 2003 from the Municipality of Kekropia tourist pamphlet.

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  Etoloakarnania occupies the western section of Central Greece and is the largest prefecture in the country. It is divided into five provinces (Messolongi, Nafpaktia, Vonitsa, and Xiromero, Trichonida), the main towns being Messolongi, the capital of the prefecture, Agrinio, Amfilochia, and Nafpaktos. Etoloakarnania possesses a variety of scenery that one does not often see within the boundaries of a single prefecture. Its three mountain ranges straddle the northwestern and southern reaches, offering majestic views over the river valleys of Acheloos, Evinos and Mornos.
  Etoloakarnania with its endless variety of beautiful landscapes has formed its own unique character and become a favourite destination for nature lovers who come in all seasons of the year. Among its sights of natural beauty is the Ambracian gulf which is the largest and most varied wildlife habitat in the whole of Greece, with a sheltered sea, verdant countryside and small islands covered in lush vegetation. The fishermen will gladly ferry you across to deserted islands, and coastal villages where you can taste the catch of the day. West of Acheloos river is a a very pretty riverside forest of ash. Marshes, swamps and the largest lake in Greece, Trichonida have been formed between the deposits of Evinos and Acheloos rivers. On the banks of these grow forests of plane trees, elm, willow and oleander. Apart from its natural beauty the area has a rich variety of flora and fauna with over 200 species of birds, 50 of which are considered rare. The salt marshes of Messolongi-Aitoliko are a nesting ground for thousands of ducks and birds and have their own rare charm.
  Around the lakes stand the imposing mountains of Etoloakarnania. The route to the summit of Panetoliko, which offers spectacular views takes, about 4.30 hours from the village of Agia Paraskevi, and is marked by the Mountaineering Club of Agrinio. In the mountain region of Nafpaktos, one can take a scenic route through picturesque villages and dense fir forests to reach the traditional village of Ano Chora, which is surrounded by a dense network of paths for recreational walking. Of particular interest in the area is also the mountain of Varasova whose cliff face has become the most well-known rock climbing face in Greece.

This text is cited December 2004 from the West Greece Region General Secretariat URL below, which contains image.

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