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  From Hora Sfakion an impressive ascent of 12km climbs to the plateau of Anopolis, which is 600 metres above sea level. There is a bus from Hora Sfakion late in the afternoon, returning in the morning. The village of Anopolis had many inhabitants at one time but now the population is only about 800. Their main occupation is agriculture and goats and sheep are raised on the plateau and the nearby mountains.
Anopolis is a very old place evident from traces of remains from the ancient Greek eras that have been found. There are remains of cyclopean walls near Agia Ekaterini Church. Anopolis had many inhabitants and its harbour was located in what is now Loutro. It flourished mainly in the Roman and the Venetian Periods.
Anopolis was a revolutionary centre against the Venetians and was destroyed in 1365. Anopolis, and the province of Sfakia in general, was the centre of revolutions against the Turks in Crete and was never inhabited by the Turks, making it the only free place in Crete during the Turkish occupation. Anopolis is known today for the hiking paths to the Lefka Ori and the aerial views of the south coast of Crete from Agia Ekaterini and the site of ancient Anopolis.

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