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Πληροφορίες τοπωνυμίου

Εμφανίζονται 3 τίτλοι με αναζήτηση: Πληροφορίες για τον τόπο  στην ευρύτερη περιοχή: "ΚΕΣΤΡΙΝΗ Χωριό ΘΕΣΠΡΩΤΙΑ" .

Πληροφορίες για τον τόπο (3)

Greek & Roman Geography (ed. William Smith)


  Cestrine (Kestrine, Thuc. Paus.; Kestrinia, Steph. B. s. v. Kammania; Kestria, Steph. B. s. v. Troia), a district of Epeirus in the south of Chaonia, separated from Thesprotia by the river Thyamis. (Thuc. i. 46.) It is said to have received its name from Cestrinus, son of Helenus and Andromache, having been previously called Cammania. (Paus. i. 11. § 1, ii. 23. § 6; Steph. B. s. v. Kammania.) The principal town of this district is called Cestria by Pliny (iv. 1), but its more usual name appears to have been Ilium or Troja, in memory of the Trojan colony of Helenus. (Steph. B. s. v. Troia.) The remains of this town are still visible at the spot called Palea Venetia, near the town of Filiates. In the neighbourhood are those fertile pastures, which were celebrated in ancient times for the Cestrinic oxen. (Hesych. s. v. Kestrinikoi Boes; Schol. ad Aristoph. Pac. 924.) The inhabitants of the district were called Kestrenoi by the poet Rhianus (Steph. B. s. v. Chaunoi). (Leake, Northern Greece, vol. iv. pp. 73, 175.)

This text is from: Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography (1854) (ed. William Smith, LLD). Cited August 2004 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks

Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities

Cestrine, Kestrine

A district of Epirus, separated from Thesprotia by the river Thyamis. It was said to have taken its name from Cestrinus, the son of Helenus, having previously borne the appellation of Cammania.

Ονόματα του τόπου

Το χωριό ονομάστηκε από τους αρχαίους Κεστρίνους, λαό που κατοικούσε στην περιοχή.

Έχετε τη δυνατότητα να δείτε περισσότερες πληροφορίες για γειτονικές ή/και ευρύτερες περιοχές επιλέγοντας μία από τις παρακάτω κατηγορίες και πατώντας το "περισσότερα":

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