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St. Andrew, the martyr

d. 1st century, feastday: February 10

Parents of Our Lady

Feastday: July 26

St. Cleopatra

d. 319, feastday: October 19

St. Cleophas

d. 1st century, feastday: September 25

St. Elizabeth

Feastday: November 5

St. James the Hermit

d. 6th century, feastday: January 28

St. James the Less

d.c. 62, feastday: May 3

St. Joseph of Arimathea

d. 1st century, feastday: March 17

St. Mary the Blessed Virgin

d. 1st century

St. Mary Cleophas

d. 1st century, feastday: April 9

St. Mary Magdalene

Feastday: July 22

St. Mary Salome

d. 1st century, feastday: October 22

St. Philip, the Apostle

Feastday: May 3

St. Quiriacus

d. 6th century, feastday: September 29 (Catholic). A Greek hermit who lived in Palestine. Quiriacus belonged to several of the famed communities of eremites of that era and was revered for his holiness.

St. Simon of Zealot

Feastday: October 28

St. Zosimus, the hermit

d. 5th century, feastday: April 4 (Catholic). From Palestine, he settled on the Jordan River as a hermit. According to tradition, he was a close friend and the biographer of St. Mary of Egypt, the farned anchoress.

St. Zosimus, the Wonder Worker

d. 6th century, feastday: November 30 (Catholic). Zosimus (d. sixth century) + A hermit who resided in Palestine as part of the erernetical revival there. He was given the nickname ~"Wonder Worker" for his many remarkable miracles and spiritual gifts.

St. Nathanael

Feastday: August 24

Saint Matthias

Apostle, Feastday: May 14 Apostle, Feastday: May 14 Apostle, Feastday: May 14

St. Matthew

Patron of Bankers, Feastday: September 21st

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