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Athenagoras II

, , 1912 - 1979

Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain


Hieronymos (secular surname Cotsonis)

Archbishop of Athens (1967-1973)


Carpathius, Joannes

Carpathius, Joannes (Ioannes Karpathios), a bishop of the island of Carpathos, of uncertain date. At the request of the monks of India he wrote to them a consolatory work in 100 chapters, entitled pros tous apo Indias protrepsantas monachous parakletikon (Phot. Cod 201). This work is still extant, and a Latin translation of it by J. Pontanus is printed at the end of his "Dioptrae Philippi Solitarii", Ingolstadt, 1654, and in the "Bibliotheca Patrum" xii. The Greek original, as well as some other ascetic works of his, are still extant in MS.


Agapetus, Bishop of Rhodes, AD 457

Agapetus (Agapetos). Metropolitan Bishop of Rhodes, A. D. 457. When the Emperor Leo wrote to him for the opinion of his suffragans and himself on the council of Chalcedon, he defended it against Timotheus Aelurus, in a letter still extant in a Latin translation, Conciliorum Nova Collectio a Mansi, vol. vii.



Dionyssios III

, , 1615 - 1696

Ecumenical Patriarch

Jeremias III, 17th century


St. Nikitas of Nisyros , the Neomartyr (1732)

When eighteenth century Greeks were under the rule and religious sway of the Turks, Nikitas died trying to bring his family back to Christianity. His father, out of expediency, had the family embrace Islam when he was a young boy on the island of Nisyros. At 14 years of age, he ran away from the new family home on Rhodes to the island of Chios. He was taken in and educated in Christianity by the monks. In just three years, he became one of the more spiritual monks there. Driven by the need to reconvert his family, he returned to Rhodes. When he could not pay the head tax imposed on Christians, he was found out to be Mehmet, his Muslim name, and consequently tried for rejecting Islam. When he refused to deny Jesus Christ, he was beheaded.



Varvarigos Ieremias

, , 1580 - 1634


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