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By legend the earliest Scythian, son of Zeus and Borysthenes, a thousand years before Darius invasion.



One of the sons of Targitaus the legendary founder of the Scythian people.

Historic figures

Scythes, Scythians


Gryps (Griffin or Gryphon)

Gryps or Gryphus (Trups), a griffin, a fabulous, bird-like species of animals, dwelling in the Rhipaean mountains, between the Hyperboreans and the one-eyed Arimaspians, and guarding the gold of the north. The Arismaspians mounted on horseback, and attempted to steal the gold, and hence arose the hostility between the horse and the griffin. The body of the griffin was that of a lion, while the head and wings were those of an eagle. This monstrous conception suggests that the origin of the belief in griffins must be looked for in the east, where it seems to have been very ancient. (Herod. iii. 116, iv. 13, 27; Paus. i. 24.6. viii. 2.3; Aelian, H. A. iv. 27; Plin. H. N. vii. 2, x. 70.) Hesiod seems to be the first writer that mentioned them, and in the poem " Arimaspae " of Aristeas they must have played a prominent part. (Schol. ad Aeschyl. Prom. 793.) At a later period they are mentioned among the fabulous animals which guarded the gold of India. (Philostr. Vit. Apollon. iii. 48.) The figures of griffins were frequently employed as ornaments in works of art ; the earliest instance of which we have any record is the bronze patera, which the Samians ordered to be made about B. C. 640. (Herod. iv. 152; comp. 79.) They were also represented on the helmet of the statue of Athena by Phidias. (Paus. l. c.)

This text is from: A dictionary of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, 1873 (ed. William Smith). Cited Nov 2005 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks


Colexais or Colaxes

Colexais or Colaxes (Kolaxais), an ancient king of the Scythians, a son of Targitaus, who, according to the Scythian tradition, reigned about 1000 years previous to the expedition of Dareius into Scythia. (Herod. iv. 5, &c.; Val. Flacc. vi. 48)

First ancestors

Agathyrsus - Agathyrsi


Gelonus, Geloni



Helorus, (Heloros), a son of the Scythian Istrus, and brother of Actaeus. Later traditions state that he accompanied Telephus in the war against Troy. (Philostr. Her. ii. 15; Tzetz. Antehom. 274.)

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