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Eponymous founders or settlers


PIONIES (Ancient city) TURKEY
In Mysia beyond the Caicus is a town called Pioniae, the founder of which according to the inhabitants was Pionis, one of the descendants of Heracles. When they are going to sacrifice to him as to a hero, smoke of itself rises up out of the grave. This occurrence, then, I have seen happening. (Paus.9.18.4)


Chryses, son of Astynome

CHRYSSI (Ancient city) TURKEY
Chryses. A son of Agamemnon or Apollo by Astynome. When Agamemnon restored Astynome to her father, she was with child, and, on giving birth to a boy, she declared him to be a son of Apollo, and called him Chryses. Subsequently, when Orestes and Iphigeneia fled to Chryses on their escape from Tauris, and the latter recognized in the fugitives his brother and sister, he assisted them in killing king Thoas. (Hygin. Fab. 120, &c.))

Historic figures


GARGARA (Ancient city) TURKEY
Gargarus (Gargaros), a son of Zeus, from whom the town and mountain of Gargara in Mysia were believed to have derived their name. (Steph. Byz. s. v. Garguara)


IDE (Mountain) TURKEY
Idaeus (Idaios), a son of Dardanus and Chryse, and brother of Deimas, went with his father from Peloponnesus, by way of Samothrace, to Phrygia, and settled on the mountains of Phrygia, which derived from him the name of Ida, or the Idaean mountains. He is further said to have instituted there the worship and mysteries of the Phrygian mother of the gods. (Dionys. Hal. i. 61)

The place was conquered by:


He also took Lesbos and Phocaea, then Colophon, and Smyrna, and Clazomenae, and Cyme; and afterwards Aegialus and Tenos, the so-called Hundred Cities; then, in order, Adramytium and Side; then Endium, and Linaeum, and Colone. He took also Hypoplacian Thebes and Lyrnessus, and further Antandrus, and many other cities.

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