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A Centaur wounded by Herakles.


Astylus a seer among the centaurs, who is mentioned by Ovid (Met. xii. 308) as dissuading the centaurs from fighting against the Lapithae. But the name in Ovid seems to be a mistake either of the poet himself or of the transcribers for Asbolus. (Hes. Scut. Herc. 185)


Cyllarus (Kullaros), a beautiful centaur, who was married to Hylonome, and was killed at the wedding feast of Peirithous. (Ov. Met. xii. 393, &c.) The horse of Castor was likewise called Cyllarus. (Virg. Georg. iii. 90; Val. Flacc. i. 426; Suidas, s. v.)


Hippasus. A centaur, who was slain by Theseus, at the wedding of Peirithous. (Ov. Met. xii. 352.)




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