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(Poludektes). The son of Magnes, king of the island of Seriphus. He attempted to compel Danae to marry him, but was turned into a stone by her son Perseus by the sight of the head of Medusa.

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Son of Aeolus, father of Dictys and Polydectes.

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The Quest of Medusa's Head

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Old Greek Stories by James Baldwin
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Heleius, (Heleios), a son of Perseus and Andromeda, who joined Amphitryon in the war against the Teleboans, and received from him the islands of the Taphians. (Apollod. ii. 4.5, 7; Schol. ad Hom. Il. xix. 116; Strab. viii. p. 363, where he is called Elios.)

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