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Mythology (8)

Historic figures

Coeus & Phoebe

Coeus; a Titan, son of Sky and Earth. Phoebe; a Titanid, daughter of Sky and Earth wife of Coeus. Parents of Asteria and Latona.

Ancient myths


Daughter of Coeus and Phoebe, to avoid Zeus plunges into the sea and is transformed into a quail.


Ctesylla (Ktesulla), a beautiful maiden of the island of Cos, of whom and Hermochares Antoninus Liberalis (Met. 1) relates nearly the same story which other writers relate of Cydippe and Acontius. Buttmann (Mythol. ii.) thinks that Ctesylla was originally an attribute of some ancient national divinity at Ceos -Aphrodite Ctesylla was worshipped there- who was believed to have had some love affair with a mortal.


Merops & Echemeia

A king of the isle of Cos, from whose name its inhabitants in early times were called Meropes



Chalcodon, a Coan who wounded Heracles in a fight at night (Apollod. ii. 7.1). Theocritus (vii. 6) calls him Chalcon. There are four other mythical personages of this name. (Apollod. ii. 1.5, iii. 5.15; Paus. vi. 21.7, viii. 15.3; Hom. Il. ii. 741, iv. 463)

Gods & heroes related to the location


When Hercules was sailing from Troy, Hera sent grievous storms, which so vexed Zeus that he hung her from Olympus. Hercules sailed to Cos, and the Coans, thinking he was leading a piratical squadron, endeavored to prevent his approach by a shower of stones. But he forced his way in and took the city by night, and slew the king, Eurypylus, son of Poseidon by Astypalaea. And Hercules was wounded in the battle by Chalcedon; but Zeus snatched him away, so that he took no harm. And having laid waste Cos, he came through Athena's agency to Phlegra, and sided with the gods in their victorious war on the giants.


Peleus, king of Thessaly, son of Aeacus, he survived his son and even grandson, and died in misery in the island of Cos

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