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Mythology (4)

Catastrophes of the place

LAS (Ancient city) GYTHIO

Dioscuri, Lapersae

As for Las, the story goes, the Dioscuri once captured it by siege, and it was from this fact that they got the appellation "Lapersae."

Eponymous founders or settlers


Slain by Achilles or Patroclus.


GYTHION (Ancient city) LACONIA

Heracles & Apollo

The people of Cythium say that their city had no human founder, but that Heracles and Apollo, when they were reconciled after their strife for the possession of the tripod, united to found the city.(Perseus Project - Paus. 3.21.8)

Gods & demigods

Nereus Geron

Geron, that is, "the old man;" under this name Nereus was worshipped at Gythium in Laconia. (Paus. i. 23.8; comp. Hes. Theog. 234.)

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