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Tiryns (Tiruns), according to Pausanias (ii. 25.7), a son of Argos, from whom the ancient city of Tinyns derived its name; according to Stephanus of Byzantium it derived its name from Tiryns, a daughter of Halus and sister of Amphitryon.


Alcaeus & Astydamia or Hipponome

Alcaeus (Alkaios). A son of Perseus and Andromeda, and married to Hipponome, the daughter of Menoeceus of Thebes, by whom he became the father of Amphytrion and Anaxo. (Apollod. ii. 4. § 5; Schol. ad Eurip. Hecub. 886.) According to Pausanias (viii. 14. § 2) his wife's name was Laonome, a daughter of the Arcadian Guneus, or Lysidice, a daughter of Pelops

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