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Locrus (Locros) & Protogeneia

Protogeneia seems to have been very familiar with local myths of the Lokrians. The story as told by Mezger, after Bockh and Bossler, is as follows: Deukalion and Pyrrha, grandchildren of Iapetos escape the deluge by taking refuge on Parnasos. When the waters subsided, by the devices of Zeus, they descended from the mountain to Opus, where, in consequence of an oracle of Zeus, they founded the first town, and made the Stone people. To these belonged "the hundred mothers" from whom the Lokrian nobles were descended, as, indeed, the prominence of women among the Lokrians generally is a significant fact. The royal race to which Epharmostos (Olympian victor) is supposed to have belonged traced their descent from Deukalion and Pyrrha down to Lokros in the male line, and from his adopted son Opus in the female. Lokros was the last of his house, and the race was about to die out with him, but Zeus carried off Protogeneia, daughter of Opus of Elis, and granddaughter of Protogeneia, daughter of Deukalion and Pyrrha; was united to her in the Mainalian mountains, and brought her to the childless Lokros, her cousin, as his wife. Lokros called the offspring of the younger Protogeneia after her father Opus, and gave him the throne. The fame of Opus spread, and many settlers came to him, none dearer than Menoitios.

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