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Hyrieus (Hurieus), a son of Poseidon and Alcyone, was king of Hyria in Boeotia, and married to the nymph Clonia, by whom lie became the father of Nycteus, Lycus, and Orion (Apollod. iii. 10.1; Hygin. Fab. 195; Schol. ad Hom. Il. xviii. 486).


Lycus & Nycteus

Both of them had fled (from Euboea) because they had killed Phlegyas, son of Ares and Dotis the Boeotian, and they took up their abode at Hyria



Î’rother of Nycteus, regent of Thebes for Labdacus and Laius, charged by Nycteus to recover Antiope, defeated by sons of Antiope, his house at Thebes.


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