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Historic figures


Euboea (Euboia), a daughter of Asopus, from whom the island of Euboea was believed to have derived its name. (Eustath. ad Hom.). There are three other mythical personages of the same name. (Paus. ii. 17.2; Apollod. ii. 7.8; Athen. vii.)


And it was (Euboea) also named Ellopia, after Ellops the son of Ion. Some say that he was the brother of Aiclus and Cothus; and he is also said to have founded Ellopia, a place in Oria, as it is called, in Histiaeotis near the mountain Telethrius, and to have added to his dominions Histiaea, Perias, Cerinthus, Aedepsus, and Orobia; in this last place was an oracle most averse to falsehood (it was an oracle of Apollo Selinuntius). The Ellopians migrated to Histiaea and enlarged the city, being forced to do so by Philistides the tyrant, after the battle of Leuctra.

Gods & demigods

Zeus Cenaeus

Cenaeus (Kenaios), a surname of Zeus, derived from cape Cenaeum in Euboea, on which the god had a temple. (Apollod. ii. 7.7; Ov. Met. ix. 136)

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