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ILIS (Ancient city) ILIA

Apollo Acesius

Acesius (Akesios), a surname of Apollo, under which he was worshipped in Elis, where he had a splendid temple in the agora. This surname, which has the same meaning as akestor and alexikakos, characterised the god as the averter of evil. (Paus. vi. 24.5).

Hara Ammonia

Ammonia, a surname of Hara, under which she was worshipped in Elis. The inhabitants of Elis had from the earliest times been in the habit of consulting the oracle of Zeus Ammon in Libya. (Paus. v. 15.7)

Demeter Chamyne

Chamyne (Chamune), a surname of Demeter in Elis, which was derived either from the earth having opened (Chainein at that place to receive Pluto, or from one Chamynus, to whom the building of a temple of Demeter at Elis was ascribed. (Paus. vi. 21.1)



Acmenes (Akmenes), a surname of certain nymphs worshipped at Elis, where a sacred enclosure contained their altar, together with those of other gods. (Paus. v. 15.4)


Ionides (or Ioniades), a name borne by four nymphs believed to possess healing powers. They had a temple on the river Cytherus in Elis, and derived their name from a mythical Ion, a son of Gargettus, who was believed to have led a colony from Athens to those districts. The story undoubtedly arose from the existence of a mineral spring on the spot where their sanctuary stood. (Paus. vi. 22. Β§ 4; Strab. viii.)

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