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Artemis Aetole

Aetole (Aitole), a surname of Artemis, by which she was worshipped at Naupactus. In her temple in that town there was a statue of white marble representing her in the attitude of throwing a javelin. (Paus. x. 38.6)

Gods & heroes related to the location


Hippotes, a son of Phylas by a daughter of Iolaus, and a great-grandson of Heracles. When the Heracleidae, on their invading Peloponnesus, were encamped near Naupactus, Hippotes killed the seer Carnus, in consequence of which the army of the Heracleidae began to suffer very severely, and Hippotes by the command of an oracle was banished for a period of ten years (Apollod. ii. 8.3; Paus. ii. 4.3, 13.3; Conon, Narrat. 26; Schol. ad Theocrit. v. 83). He seems to be the same as the Hippotes who was regarded as the founder of Cnidus in Caria. (Diod. v. 9, 53; Tzetz. ad Lycoph. 1388)

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