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Carmanor (Karmanor), a Cretan of Tarrha, father of Eubulus and Chrysothemis. He was said to have received and purified Apollo and Artemis, after they had slain the monster Python, and it was in the house of Carmanor that Apollo formed his connexion with the nymph Acacallis. (Paus. ii. 7.7, 30.3, x. 16.2, 7.2)

Chrysothemis, the poet, son of Carmanor

Chrysothemis (Chrusothemis) There are four mythical females of this name (Hygin. Fab. 170, Poet. Astr. ii. 25; Diod. v. 22; Hom. Il. ix. 287), and one male, a son of Carmanor, the priest of Apollo at Tarrha in Crete. He is said to have been a poet, and to have won the first victory in the Pythian games by a hymn on Apollo. (Paus. x. 7.2)


Eubulus, (Euboulos), a son of Carmanor and father of Carme. (Paus. ii. 30. ยง 3.) This name likewise occurs as a surname of several divi nities who were regarded as the authors of good counsel, or as well-disposed; though when applied to Hades, it is, like Eubuleus, a mere euphemism. (Orph. Hymn. 17. 12, 29. 6, 55. 3)



Carme (Karme), a daughter of Eubulus, who became by Zeus the mother of Britomartis (Paus. ii. 30.2). Antoninus Liberalis (40) describes her as a grand-daughter of Agenor, and daughter of Phoenix.

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