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Eridanus, (Eridanos). A river-god, on the banks of whose river amber was found. In later times the Eridanus was supposed to be the same as the Padus (Po), because amber was found at its mouth. Hence the Electrides Insulae, or "Amber Islands," are placed at the mouth of the Po, and here Phaethon was supposed to have fallen when struck by the lightning of Zeus.

This text is from: Harry Thurston Peck, Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities. Cited Nov 2002 from The Perseus Project URL below, which contains interesting hyperlinks

Eridanus, (Eridanos), a river god, a son of Oceanus and Tethys, and father of Zeuxippe. (Hesiod. Theog. 338; Hygin. Fab. 14.) He is called the king of rivers, and on its banks amber was found. (Virg. Georg. i. 482; Ov. Met. ii. 324.) In Homer the name does not occur, and the first writer who mentions it is Hesiod. Herodotus (iii. 15) declares the name to be barbarous, and the invention of some poet. (Comp. Strab. v.) The position which the ancient poets assign to the river Eridanus differed at different times.

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