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Agiofaraggo is located beside the KALOUS LIMNES in southern part of Iraklio province. Six courses have been opened which are 50 metres high. The difficulty level ranges from V to VII.

Asterousia mountain, summit of Kofina

In the Asterousia mountain range in southern part of Iraklio province, the village of Kapetaniana sits beside the tall summit of Kofina It has, outside of the locals, an established Austrian couple who have installed the entire climbing area with permenant safe guards. The climbing routes are not very tall, only from 15m to 60m, but the difficulty ranges from IV-VIII. To follow the route, only small riggings are necessary.


These rocks are found above the Iraklio - Agio Nikalaou National Road in the area of KOKKINI CHANI. Kopsias encompasses a climbing area in which the rocks don't exceed 60 meters in height. About 20 courses have been opened with level of difficulty from IV to VIII.

Exactly below the bridge of the Iraklio-Rethimno National Road is the beach of Paliokastro. On the right side is a 15 metre rock which has 3 courses with a difficulty level from V to VII. There are also parallel routes with a similar difficulty. The safeguards of the courses use Top-rope.


Xopaterios Race

, , 14/2/2002
Αγώνας δρόμου προς τιμήν του μεσαρίτη ήρωα Ιωσαάφ Ξωπατέρα. Ακολουθεί γλέντι με παραδοσιακά γλυκίσματα, χορό και τραγούδι, καθώς και ομιλία για τη ζωή και το έργο του Ιωσαάφ Ξωπατέρα.

Pamesaritiki Student Track Events

, , 25/3/2002
Tel: +30 28920 22251-23240



In the eastern part of central Crete, in the village of Abdou, there is another parapente site. The elevation variance is 350m and the oreintation is to the North. The small plain around the village offers breathtaking excitement and flights with good takeoff and landing.


In the most visited part of Crete, beside the road of Hersonissos and Malia, you will find an amazing slope. It has a Northern orientation. The elevation variance can be from 150 to 300 metres. The site is above the village of Stalida and the approach is very easy. You can almost reach the takeoff point entirely by car.


Prinos (Psiloriti) shelter

The shelter services the summits of Gyristi (1779 m) and Koudouni (1860 m) as well as many crossing hiking routes. In the gorge, there are three 60m rock climbing routes with a difficulty of VI. There are two ways to get to the shelter. From the village of Ano Assites, head towards the village of Prinas On your right as you leave the village, there is a dirt road which is labeled at the junctions until the area of the "bee hives". There you will meet an entrance. Soon afterwhich a path begins leading to the gorge. The route of the path is very well labelled. The hike is from 1-1/2 to 2 hours.
From the village of Kato Assites, you can drive to the Monastery of Gorgoleni and continue along a dirt road towards the dry fields in which there is a cement tank. From here, leave the car and after a 20 minute walk, you will arrive at the shelter. (Details & photo in the following URL)

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