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The fauna of Lesvos

Of course the forests of Lesvos are the home of several small animals. Among them are squirrels of the species "Sciurus Anomalus", foxes, birds, like the very interesting partridge "Alectoris Chuvar", and others. There are several species of snakes but only one poisonous species, the "Vipera Xanthina". A very interesting ecosystem is the Wetland of the Bay of Kalloni which includes the bay itself and a large number of wetlands: the saltpans of Kalloni and Polychnitos, salt plains, streams and their mouths, reed thickets, pine forests and olive groves. In the wetlands of the bay alone, 134 different bird species have been recorded several of which are migratory.
Its many interesting inhabitants include storks, flamingos, kingfisher, the tringa totanus, a fidgety bird who at the slightest sound flies into the air arousing the other birds along and the avocet a bird with tall legs and an upward turning beak. In the recent years birdwatching facilities have been constructed while the number of persons visiting Lesvos in order to watch the birds has also increased.

This extract is cited May 2003 from the Prefecture of Lesvos URL below, which contains images.

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