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Trojan Allies

Trojan War

Arisbe, city near Abydus, participated in the Trojan War on the side of the Trojans under the leadership of Asius (Il. 2.836, 21.43).

Trojan leaders in the War


He was the son of Hyrtacus and ally of the Trojans (Il. 2.837) and was slain by Idomeneus (Il. 13.384).

Asius (Asios), a son of Hyrtacus of Arisbe,and father of Acamas and Phaenops. He was one of the allies of the Trojans, and brought them auxiliaries from the several towns over which he ruled. He was slain by Idomeneus. (Hom. Il. ii. 835, xii. 140, xiii. 389, &c., xvii. 582.)

Trojan heroes of the Trojan War and their allies


He was the son of Teuthras, who was slain by Diomedes (Il. 6.12).


The charioteer of Axylus, who was slain by Diomedes (Il. 6.18).



The father of Axylus (Il. 6.12).

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