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Apollo Smintheus

Smintheus, a surname of Apollo, which is derived by some from sminthos, a mouse, and by others from the town of Sminthe in Troas (Hom. Il. i. 3.9; Ov. Fast. vi. 425, Met. xii. 585 ; Eustath. ad Hom.). The mouse was regarded by the ancients as inspired by the vapours arising from the earth, and as the symbol of prophetic power. In the temple of Apollo at Chryse there was a statue of the god by Scopas, with a mouse under its foot (Strab. xiii. 604, &c.; Eustath. ad Hom.), and on coins Apollo is represented carrying a mouse in his hands. Temples of Apollo Sminthens and festivals (Smintheia) existed in several parts of Greece, as at Tenedos, near Hamaxitos in Aeolis, near Parion, at Lindos in Rhodes, near Coressa, and in other places (Strab. x., xiii.).

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Ancient towns


It was located near Thebe and is mentioned by Homer. The town had a harbour and a temple dedicated to Apollo Smintheus (Il. 1.36, 390, 445).


Chryses & Chryseis (= Astynome)

Chryses was the priest of Apollo Smyntheus and father of Chryseis. After the denial of Agamemnon to free Chryses' daughter, who was part of his spoils, he asked help from the god he served, Apollo, who sent a plague to the Greek camp, which caused the king to return Chryseis to her father (Il. 1.111, 181, 309, 430 etc.).

Chryseis, (Chruseis). Daughter of Chryses, priest of Apollo at Chryse, and taken prisoner by Achilles at the capture of Lyrnessus or the Hypoplacian Thebes. In the distribution of the booty she was given to Agamemnon. Her father Chryses came to the camp of the Greeks to solicit her ransom, but was repulsed by Agamemnon with harsh words. Thereupon Apollo sent a plague into the camp of the Greeks, and Agamemnon was obliged to restore her to her father to appease the anger of the god. Her proper name was Astynome.

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Chryses (Chruses). A son of Ardys and a priest of Apollo at Chryse. He was the father of Astynome (Chryseis), and when he came to the camp of the Greeks, offering a rich ransom for the liberation of his daughter, he was treated by Agamemnon with harsh words. Chryses then prayed to Apollo for vengeance, and the god sent a plague into the camp of the Greeks, which did not cease raging until Calchas explained the cause of it, and Odysseus took Chryseis back to her father. (Hom. II. i. 10, &c.)



Astynome (Astunome), the daughter of Chryses (whence she is also called Chryseis), a priest of Apollo. She was taken prisoner by Achilles in the Hypoplacian Thebe or in Lyrnessus, whither she had been sent by her father for protection, or, according to others, to attend the celebration of a festival of Artemis. In the distribution of the booty she was given to Agamemnon, who, however, was obliged to restore her to her father, to soothe the anger of Apollo (Hom. Il. i. 378; Eustath. ad Hom.; Dictys Cret. ii. 17..) There are two more mythical personages of this name, one a daughter of Niobe, and the other a daughter of Talaus and mother of Capaneus. (Hygin. Fab. 70)

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