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DOLOPIA (Ancient country) THESSALIA
Phoenix was the son of Amyntor and followed Achilles to Troy. He was cursed by his father after trying to seduce his concubine and fled to Phthia, the territory of Peleus, who accepted Phoenix as a father and made him ruler of the Dolopians (Il. 9.168, 427 etc., 16.196, 17.311).


Kaineus (Caeneus)

Son of Elatus, king of the Lapithae (Il. 1.264).
He helped Peirithous, when the Centaur Eurytion seized his wife at his marriage (Paus. 5,10,8).

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A son of Elatus and brother of Caeneus (Il. 1.264).

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DOLOPIA (Ancient country) THESSALIA
A people in Thessaly (Il. 9.484).

(Dolopes). A powerful people in Thessaly, who dwelt on the Enipeus and fought before Troy. At a later time they dwelt at the foot of Mount Pindus; and their country, called Dolopia, was reckoned part of Epirus

Territories - Kingdoms

Pelasgian Argos

Homer calls the country Pelasgian Argos (Il. 2.681) in discrimination from Argos or Achaean Argos (Il. 9.141, Od. 3.251). The country also included a part of Epeirus ("Zeus, thou king, Dodonaean, Pelasgian", Il. 15.233).

Territory of Achilles

The country was called Phthia (afterwards Phthiotis) and the inhabitants were called Myrmidons (Il. 2.683) and Phthians. Achilles led 50 ships against Troy (Il. 2.685). The cities mentioned by Homer are: 1. Pelasgian Argos, 2. Phthia, 3. Hellas, 4. Halus, 5. Alope, 6. Trachis.

Territory of Protessilaus

The inhabitants were called Phthians and they participated in the Trojan War with 40 ships (Il. 2.710). The cities mentioned by the poet are: 1. Phylace, 2. Pyrasus, 3. Iton, 4. Antron, 5. Pteleos.

Territory of Eumelus

It occupied a part of Magnesia and Pelasgiotis and participated in the Trojan War with 11 ships (Il. 2.713). The cities mentioned by the poet are: 1. Pherae, 2. Boebe, 3. Glaphyrae, 4. Iolcus.

Territory of Philoctetes

It was a small territory, that occupied a part of Magnesia and Meliboea. It participated in the Trojan War with 7 ships (Il. 2 718). Philoctetes, on his way to Troy, fell ill and was abandoned in the island of Lemnos; as a result, Medon (Il. 2.721) led the ships against Troy. The cities mentioned by Homer are: 1. Methone, 2. Thaumacia, 3. Meliboea and 4. Olizon.

Territory of Asclepiades (Estiaeotis)

It took part in the Trojan War with 30 ships (Il. 2.733). Homer mentioned the cities of: 1. Tricca, 2. Ithome, 3. Oechalia.

Territory of Eurypylos

Territory of Lapithes

Ηγεμόνες ήταν ο "μενεπτόλεμος" Πολυποίτης, γιος του Πειριθόου και ο Λεοντεύς και συμμετείχαν στον Πόλεμο της Τροίας με 40 πλοία. Πόλεις αναφέρει: 1.Αργισσα, 2. Γυρτώνη, 3. Ορθη, 4. Ηλώνη, 5. Ολοοσσών. Ο Στράβων παραδίδει ότι τη χώρα των Λαπιθών πριν κατοικούσαν οι Περραιβοί τους οποίους εκδίωξαν οι Λαπίθες (9,5.19). Their leaders were Polypoetes, "staunch in fight", son of Peirithous, and Leonteus The Lapithes participated in the Trojan War

Territory of Gouneus

The territory of Gouneus included the Peraibi and the Enienes and its capital was Cyphus. It occupied part of Epeirus and ancient Dodona and participated in the Trojan War with 22 ships (Il. 2.748-749). Homer mentions the cities of Cyphus and Dodona.

Territory of Prothous

The territory of Prothous occupied part of Peneius and Pelion and participated in the Trojan War with 40 ships (Il. 2.756). Prothous was the leader of the Magnetes but Homer does not mention cities beside Boudeum, of which king was Epeigeus (Il. 16.571).

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