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Greek leaders in the Trojan War


He was the son of Tenthredon and the leader of the Magnetes from Peneius and Pelion in the Trojan War with 40 ships (Il. 2.756).

First ancestors

Aloeus & Iphimedia / Aloeus & Eeriboea

Aloeus was the son of Poseidon by Canace. Iphimedeia (Od. 11.305), his first wife, bore to him Otus and Ephialtes (Il. 5.386).
Eeriboea, daughter of Hermes, was his second wife (Il. 5.389).

Aloeus. The son of Poseidon and Canace, who married Iphimedia, the daughter of Tripos. His wife was beloved by Poseidon, by whom she had two sons, Otus and Ephialtes, who are usually called the Aloadae, from their reputed father Aloeus.

Nations & tribes


They were the inhabitants of Magnesia in Thessaly and participated in the Trojan War under the leadership of Prothous (Il. 2.756).



The father of Prothous (Il. 2.756).

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Greek heroes of the Trojan War


He was slain by Hector (Il. 5.705).

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