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Greeks of the Homeric Catalogue of Ships

Trojan War

Syme, island between the island of Rhodes and Cnidus, opposite the Carian coast, participated in the Trojan War under the leadership of Nireus and is listed in the Homeric Catalogue of Ships (Il. 2.671).

Greek leaders in the Trojan War


Nireus, son of Charops and Aglaia, came from Syme and led 3 ships against Troy. He was the best fighter of all the Greeks after Achilles (Il. 2.671).

Nireus. Son of Charopus and Aglaia, a native of the island of Syme, near Rhodes, and the handsomest among the Greeks at Troy. He was slain by Aeneas or Eurypylus



  Together with her sisters Euphrosyne (joy and mirth) Thalia (bringer of flowers) Aglaia (brightness) was the youngest and most beautiful of the three Graces, a triad of female deities who protected vegetation. The Graces were daughters of Zeus and the sea-nymph Euronyme. They were Aphrodite's servants, and related to the nine Muses and the three seasons.
  In early art they were pictured as three fully dressed women holding each others hands in a ceremonial dance. Later they were pictured as three beautiful young women embracing each other.

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Charops & Aglaia

First king of the island of Syme, husband of Aglaia and father of Nireus (Il. 2.672).

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