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Greeks of the Homeric Catalogue of Ships



At Homer’s time the country included part of Messenia and Messene itself (Od. 21,15). Homer calls it "kili (= hollow)", "kitoessan (= full of ravines)" (Il. 2.581, Od. 4.5) and "evrichoron (= spacious)" (Od. 13.414, 15,5).

Territories - Kingdoms

Kingdom of Menelaus

It participated in the Trojan War with 60 ships under the leadership of Menelaus. The cities listed in the Homeric Catalogue of Ships are: 1. Lacedaemon (Sparta), 2. Pharis, 3. Messe, 4. Bryseiae, 5. Augeiae, 6. Amyclae, 7. Helus, 8. Laas, 9. Oetylus (Il. 2.581-590).

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