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Eponymous founders or settlers


FLIOUS (Ancient city) NEMEA
A contemporary of Prometheus, an aboriginal, first to dwell in Phliasia, builds Arantia, his tomb, graves of children of A, libations offered to A. and his children.


Araethyrea (Araithurea), a daughter of Aras, an autochthon who was believed to have built Arantea, the most ancient town in Phliasia. She had a brother called Aoris, and is said to have been fond of the chase and warlike pursuits. When she died, her brother called the country of Phliasia after her Araethyrea (Hom. Il. ii. 571; Strab. viii.). She was the mother of Phlias. The monuments of Araethyrea and her brother, consisting of round pillars, were still extant in the time of Pausanias; and before the mysteries of Demeter were commenced at Phlius, the people always invoked Aras and his two children with their faces 8 turned towards their monuments. (Paus. ii. 12.4-6)

Greek leaders in the Trojan War


ORNIES (Ancient city) NEMEA
Menestheus. The son of Peteos, who seized the government of Attica, while Theseus pined away in the nether world, and commanded the Athenians before Troy, where he fell.

Greeks of the Homeric Catalogue of Ships

Trojan War

FLIOUS (Ancient city) NEMEA
Araethyrea paricipated in the Trojan War and is listed in the Homeric Catalogue of Ships. Homer calls it "lovely" (Il. 2.571).

Trojan War

KLEONES (Ancient city) NEMEA
The city of Cleonae participated in the Trojan War and is listed in the Homeric Catalogue of Ships. The poet calls it "well-built" (Il. 2.570).

Trojan War

ORNIES (Ancient city) NEMEA
The city of Orneiae participated in the Trojan War and is listed in the Homeric Catalogue of Ships (Il. 2.571).



Peteos, a son of Orneus, and father of Menestheus, was expelled from Athens by Aegeus, and is said to have gone to Phocis, where he founded the town of Stiris. (Hom. Il. ii. 552, iv. 338; Apollod. iii. 10.8; Paus. ii. 25.5, x. 35. 5; Plut. Thes. 32.)

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