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Greeks of the Homeric Catalogue of Ships

Trojan War

According to Homer, the Locrians participated in the Trojan War with 40 ships under the leadership of Oileus. (Il. 2.528)
Cities of Opountian Locris: 1. Cynus, 2. Opus.
Cities of Epicnemidian Locris: Calliarus, 2. Bessa, 3. Scarphe, 4. Augeiae, 5. Thronium.


Ajax the Lesser

  Ruler of Locris and warrior in the Trojan War who comitted sacrilege by dragging Cassandra out of the temple of Athena where she had sought refuge. The goddess had Poseidon punish him by sending a storm and sinking Ajax's ship. The warrior was strong enough to swim to a rock, and clinging on to it he boasted that the sea could not drown him. Poseidon was then so angered that he split the rock with his trident, thus drowning Ajax.

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