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Territories - Kingdoms

Eleian country

Regarding the Eleian country, Homer calls the land of the Epeians by the name of Elis (Od. 15.298) and the territory of Nestor Pylos (Il. 5.545, Od. 3.4).

Greeks of the Homeric Catalogue of Ships

Trojan War

Elis participated in the Trojan War and is listed in the Homeric Catalogue of Ships (Il. 2.615).

Greek leaders in the Trojan War

Amphimachus I

He was the son of Cteatus and Theronice, grandson of Actor, king of the Epeians of Elis and leader of the Eleans against Troy with 20 ships (Il. 2,620), who was slain by Hector (Il. 13.185, 206). He reigned jointly with Agasthenes and Thalpius (Paus. 5,3,3).

Amphimachus (Amphimachos). A son of Cteatus and Theronice, and grandson of Actor or of Poseidon. He is mentioned among the suitors of Helen, and was one of the four chiefs who led the Epeians against Troy (Apollod. iii. 10.8; Paus. v. 3.4; Hom. Il. ii. 620). He was slain by Hector. (Il. xiii. 185, &c.)


He was the son of Eurytus and Theraephone, grandson of Actor (Il. 2.620). He reigned jointly with Agasthenes and Amphimachus in Elis (Paus. 5,3,3).



He was the son of Hypeirochus, who dwelt in Elis and was slain by Nestor of Pylos because he had tried to steal his cows (Il. 11.672).

Place-names according to Homer

Iardanus or Acidas river

A river in Elis near Pheia (Il. 7.135). Pausanias cites an information given by an Ephesian, according of which Iardanus was the ancient name of the Acidas, tributary of the Anigrus river, but he had not found other evidence in support of it (Paus. 5,5,9).

Acidas & Jardanus: Perseus Encyclopedia


A river in Elis or in Arcadia, which is mentioned by Homer (Il. 7.133).

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