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Greeks of the Homeric Catalogue of Ships

Trojan War

Arcadia, kingdom of Agapenor, bordered Aegialea of Achaia, Sicyon, Argolis, Messene, Lacedaemon and Elis. It participated in the Trojan War with 60 ships, which were given by Agamemnon because Arcadia had neither access to the sea nor fleet (Il. 2.603-610). Arcadian cities mentioned by Homer are: Pheneos, Orchomenus, Rhipe, Stratia, Enispe, Tegea, Mantineia, Stymphalus and Parrhasia.

Greek heroes of the Trojan War


A hero from Arcadia or Thrace, famous for his extremely loud voice. According to Homer, his voice was as loud as the voices of fifty men together. In the passage 5.784 of the Iliad, Hera appeared in his likeness.

A herald of the Greeks in the Trojan War, whose voice was as loud as that of fifty other men together, so that his name has become proverbial for any loud-voiced person ( Il.v. 783; Juv.xiii. 112).

Place-names according to Homer


A river in Elis or in Arcadia, which is mentioned by Homer (Il. 7.133).

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