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  Tradition holds that the Cretans,with the mythical hero Staphylos as their leader, established colonies on Peparithos and on Ikos, in the 16th century B.C.during the Minoan domination of the Aegean Sea.
  The Minoan colony later acquired a Mycenean character. The Mycenean city stood on the site today known as Kokkinokastro, on the easter side of the island. However, it is historically ascertained that the Geometric period finds Ikos under the domination of the Dolopes. In time the Dolopes turned in to dangerous pirates and became the scourge of the Aegean. The Athenian navy later on set out to confront them, under the leadership of Cimon, who routed them and annexed all the islands to Athens. Thus, in 476 B.C. the island joins the first Athenian Alliance.
  During the classical period Ikos must have contained two cities. one of them was probably located at Kokkinokastro, where ruins of the wall remain till today and the other one on the site where the Village of Horio or Old Alonissos stands today. During this period the island was renowned for its vineyards and its exceptional wine.
  In 190 B.C. the island was taken by the Roman navy. After this point there is no further information on the history of Ikos until the occupation of Constantinople by the Franks in 1204 A.D. when both Constantinople and the other neighbouring islands pass in to the hands of the Venetian.
  Togethet with Skopelos, Alonissos is occupied by successive conquerors. After the fall of Constantinople to the Turks, in 1453, the islands are turned over to the Venetians. They remained Venetian until 1538, when the Turkish navy, under the leadership of Khair-ed-Din Barbarossa, imposed Turkish authority.
  During the Greek revolution of 1821 and the first years of independence of Greek Nation, Greeks from different parts of Greece took refuge on Alonissos. These people, along with the natives of the island compose the present population of Alonissos.

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