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ETHEA (Ancient city) LACONIA

The 3rd Messenian War

Meanwhile the Thasians being defeated in the field and suffering siege, appealed to Lacedaemon, and desired her to assist them by an invasion of Attica. Without informing Athens she promised and intended to do so, but was prevented by the occurrence of the earthquake, accompanied by the secession of the Helots and the Thuriats and Aethaeans of the Perioeci to Ithome. Most of the Helots were the descendants of the old Messenians that were enslaved in the famous war; and so all of them came to be called Messenians.



Participation in the fights of the Greeks

Battle of Plataea

On the right wing were ten thousand Lacedaemonians; five thousand of these, who were Spartans, had a guard of thirty-five thousand light-armed helots, seven appointed for each man.

Naval Battle of Salamis

The following took part in the war: from the Peloponnese, the Lacedaemonians provided sixteen ships

Naval Battle of Artemisium

The Lacedaemonians furnished ten ships

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