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Catastrophes of the place

By the Thebans, 371 BC

After its defeat at the battle of Leuctra, the town was destroyed by the Thebans.

By Syllas, 86 BC

After the battle of Chaeronia the war between Syllas and Mithridates was not over. Another battle took place at Orchomenus, where Mithridates had taken shelter. Syllas won that battle too and after his victory he ransacked Orchomenus and the nearby towns and destroyed the harbours of Boeotia (Ekd. Athinon, Pausaniou Periegissis, vol. 5, p. 190, note 1).


Boetians & Phocians (Sacred War)

Phayllus with his army carried the campaign into Boeotia, and, suffering defeat near the city of Orchomenus, lost a great number of men. Later in another battle that took place by the Cephisus River the Boeotians won again and slew over five hundred of the enemy and took no fewer than four hundred prisoners
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The place was conquered by:

By the Phocians

(...) I reply, the Phocians over the Thebans. They held Orchomenus, and Coronea, and Tilphosaeum; they had kept within the walls the Theban garrison at Neon;

By Lysander (395 BC)

Now it was the plan that Pausanias should make a circuit by the way of Mount Cithaeron, and then invade Boeotia, while Lysander marched through Phocis to meet him, with a large force. He took the city of Orchomenus, which came over to him of its own accord, and assaulted and plundered Lebadeia.

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