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   After the co-settlement of Megalopolis Aliphera was still a town that belonged to Arcadia until 244 BC, when Lydiades, tyrant of Megalopolis, gave it to the Eleans. So, when the war among the allies started, Aliphera was considered an enemy by the Achaeans. It is possible that Philip would not have attacked the town, had it remained neutral. The Eleans, however, had asked the Aetolians to help them and the Aetolian Phillidas sent mercenaries to Aliphera. This fact made Philip attack first the walls of Aliphera and then the town, setting its acropolis in fire. The Alipherans surrendered in order to save themselves and the Macedonians established a garrison in Aliphera. It was a man named Cleonymus that freed Aliphera from that garrison, as well as from the pirates that had reached it (Ekd. Athinon, Pausaniou Periegissis, vol. 4, pp.282-288, note4).

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