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Catastrophes of the place

ILIS (Ancient city) ILIA

By Lacedaemonians, 398 BC

  In the reign of Agis the son of Archidamus the Lacedaemonians had several grievances against the people of Elis, being especially exasperated because they were debarred from the Olympic games and the sanctuary at Olympia. So they dispatched a herald commanding the people of Elis to grant home-rule to Lepreum and to any other of their neighbors that were subject to them. The people of Elis replied that, when they saw the cities free that were neighbors of Sparta, they would without delay set free their own subjects; whereupon the Lacedaemonians under king Agis invaded the territory of Elis.
  On this occasion there occurred an earthquake, and the army retired home after advancing as far as Olympia and the Alpheus but in the next year Agis devastated the country and carried off most of the booty. Xenias, a man of Elis who was a personal friend of Agis and the state-friend (Proxenos) of the Lacedaemonians, rose up with the rich citizens against the people but before Agis and his army could come to their aid, Thrasydaeus, who at this time championed the interests of the popular party at Elis, overthrew in battle Xenias and his followers and cast them out of the city.
  When Agis led back his army, he left behind Lysistratus, a Spartan, with a portion of his forces, along with the Elean refugees, that they might help the Lepreans to ravage the land. In the third year of the war (398 BC) the Lacedaemonians under Agis again prepared to invade the territory of Elis. So Thrasydaeus and the Eleans, reduced to dire extremities, agreed to forgo their supremacy over their neighbors, to dismantle the fortifications of their city, and to allow the Lacedaemonians to sacrifice to the god and to compete in the games at Olympia.(Paus. 3.8.3-5)

Foundation/Settlement of the place

At 471 BC

Οταν ο Πραξίεργος ήταν άρχοντας στην Αθήνα, οι Ρωμαίοι εξέλεξαν ως υπάτους τον Αύλο Βεργίλιο Τρικόστο και τον Γάιο Σερβίλιο Στρούκτο. Τον ίδιο καιρό οι Ηλείοι, που κατοικούσαν σε πολλές μικρές πόλεις, συνοικίσθησαν και δημιούργησαν μία πολιτεία που είναι γνωστή ως Ήλις (Διόδ. 11.54.1).

The place was conquered by:

By Philip II

...in the Peloponnese he (Philip) occupies the important city of Elis (Dem. 9,27)

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