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History of the Municipality of Cholargos

The first historical report to Cholargos as a municipality dates 2500 years ago. The most famous resident was Pericles of the ancient Athenian Democracy. Pericles was born around 494 b.c. possibly at his father's country house (his father's name was Xanthipos) of Cholargos. The main street of the city is named after him and the main city entrance is decorated with Pericles bust. Local authorities use the bust of Pericles on the municipal insignia stating that Cholargos is the native land of the most glorious man in the ancient Athenian Democracy. According to the report of archaeologist’s Mr. Nikolaou Liarou the area that the recent municipality of Cholargos occupies, includes archaeological inhabitancy remains from the ancient years. The first inhabitancy indications date back to the prehistoric years. Next inhabitancy indications are reported later on in the Classical and Hellenistic years.

In the area of the 5th bus stop in Cholargos important grave monuments of the 5th and 6th century were found in 1964. Inhabitancy indications of the Classical, Roman and Byzantine times were recently found on the north side of Korakovouni mountain. In the same area at the histero-Byzantine times, the temple of Ag Eleousa was build possibly at around 13th century. Northwest of the temple the mid-Byzantine monastery of Ag Ioannis Theologos stands as the only remain of those years. The recent history of Cholargos begins in 1926 with the creation of a building co-operative. Cholargos was declared a Community(small municipality) in 1933. The first community president was Mr. Nikolaos Vitalis. Cholargos was declared a Municipality in 1963.


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