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PONTOS (Ancient country) TURKEY
General of Mithridates, besieges Elatea, repulsed by Elateans, defeated by Romans under Sulla.

Arcathias, son of Mithridates

Arcathias (Arkathias), a son of Mithridates, joined Neoptolemus and Archelaus, the generals of his father, with 10,000 horse, which he brought from the lesser Armenia, at the commencement of the war with the Romans, B. C. 88. He took an active part in the great battle fought near the river Amneius or Amnias (see Strab. xii. p. 562) in Paphlagonia, in which Nicomedes, the king of Bithynia, was defeated. Two years afterwards, B. C. 86, he invaded Macedonia with a separate army, and completely conquered the country. He then proceeded to march against Sulla, but died on the way at Tidaeum (Potidaea?) (Appian, Mithr. 17, 18, 35, 41).


Dorylaus (Dorulaos), a general of Mithridates, who conducted an army of 80,000 men into Greece in B. C. 86 to assist Archelaus in the war with the Romans. (Appian, Mithr. 17, 49; Plut. Sull. 20)


Leocritus, a general of Pharnaces, king of Pontus, in his war with Eumenes II. of Pergamus, was sent by his master to invade Galatia in B. C. 181. (Pol. xxv. 4.) On one occasion the garrison of Tium or Teium, a town in Paphlagonia, surrendered to him on a promise of safety, in spite of which he treacherously put the whole of it to death. (Diod. Exc. de Virt. et Vit.; comp. Pol. xxvi. 6.)

Historic figures


Makes war on Romans, his armies defeated by Romans under Sulla, loses his kingdom and kills himself.

Laodice, wife and sister of Mithridates Eupator

Laodice, wife and sister of Mithridates Eupator (commonly called the Great), king of Pontus. During the absence of her husband, and deceived by a report of his death, she gave free scope to her amours; and, alarmed for the consequences, on his return attempted his life by poison. Her designs were, however, betrayed to Mithridates, who immediately put her to death. (Justin. xxxvii. 3.)



Histiaeus. A Stoic philosopher, a native of Pontus, mentioned by Athenaeus (vi. p. 273 d.).

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Fannius, L.

Fannius l. and L. Magius served in the army of the legate Flavius Fimbria, in the war against Mithridates, in B. C. 84; but they deserted and went over to Mithridates, whom they persuaded to enter into negotiations with Sertorius in Spain, through whose assistance he might obtain the sovereignty of Asia Minor and the neighbouring countries. Mithridates entered into the scheme, and sent the two deserters, in B. C. 74, to Sertorius to conclude a treaty with him. Sertorius promised Mithridates Bithynia, Paphlagonia, Cappadocia, and Gallograecia, as rewards for assisting him against the Romans. Sertorius at once sent M. Varius to serve Mithridates as general, and L. Fannius and L. Magius accompanied him as his councillors. On their advice Mithridates began his third war against the Romans. In consequence of their desertion and treachery Fannius and Magius were declared public enemies by the senate. We afterwards find Fannius commanding a detachment of the army of Mithridates against Lucullus. (Appian, Mithrid. 68; Plut. Sertor. 24; Oros. vi. 2, Cic. in Verr. i. 34)

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