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Cloelius, an Aequian, the commander of a Volscian force, came to besiege Ardea, B. C. 443, invited by the plebs of that town, who had been driven out of it by the optimates. While he was before the place, the Romans, under the consul M. Geganius, came to the assistance of the optimates, drew lines around the Volscians, and did not allow them to march out till they had surrendered their general, Cloelius, who adorned the triumph of the consul at Rome. (Liv. iv. 9, 10.)

Coelius Gracchus

Coelius Gracchus, the leader of the Aequians in B. C. 458, surrounded the consul L. Minucius Augurinus, who had through fear shut himself up in his camp on Mount Algidus; but Coelius was in his turn surrounded by the dictator L. Quinctius Capitolinus, who had come to relieve Minucius, and was delivered up by his own troops to the dictator. (Liv. iii. 25-28; Dionys. x. 22-24.) The legendary nature of this story as told by Livy has been pointed out by Niebuhr (vol. ii. p. 268), who remarks, that the Aequian general, Coelius is again surrounded and taken prisoner twenty years after at Ardea--a circumstance quite impossible, as no one who had been led in triumph in those days ever escaped execution.

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